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Avviso Docenti

The oral examination will take place with Teams platform. See my webpage for details. On-line registration is needed. Exam results will be available no later than one week and will be automatically (ESSE3) sent via e-mail at the institutional e-mail address of the student. Please use the institutional e-mail address only.

Once the registration list is closed, you will receive information about the necessary further steps to take from the Professor via email to your University account. From now, please read carefully the “online exam guide” (https://en.unipr.it/node/3539), and IBD webpage (https://cdlm-ibd.unipr.it/).

The oral exam will last not more than 15 minutes. Starting from the calendar date of the exam, the exam will go on for the number of days needed to allow each students enrolled to take the exam. Exam shifts will be fixed in each of these days from 9 a.m to 12 a.m. Students order will follow the chronological order of enrolment (first in – first out) and could not be changed, without exception.

A clear lack of preparation will not be tolerated. To make use of any kind of electronic device (except for the computer - with webcam and microphone - needed for running Teams) or notes during the exam is strictly forbidden.

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