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Tutors of the Economics and Management Department
  • Level 1 Tutors

Who are Level 1 Tutors?
Students enrolled in second cycle degree programs of the Department of Economics and Management, appointed by the Department Council.
What do Level 1 Tutors do?
They guide and support students of the L-18 degree courses - former 270/04 (and previous) of the Department of Economics and Management, throughout their studies. In particular:
• a listening service for students who need support with managing their studies or any other problems they may have, with a view to facilitating the learning process;
• reception of Erasmus and foreign students;
• social network communications to disseminate information and news about university life;
• support department events including  entrance tests, open days, placement days, conferences, etc..
Where are they? How do I contact them?
The Tutors of The Department of Economics and Management  2018-2019:
Greta Boschi (FOOD System and FOOD Quality)
Federica Montalbano (CLEM)
Fabio Fichera (CLEM)
Giuseppe Simone Cunsolo (IBD/TRADE)
Amel Ben Abdallah (FRIM)
Roberta Signorino Gelo Cunsolo (ADA)
Alessia Grillo (TRADE).

The tutors' office is on the mezzanine of the main building (opposite the Front Office)
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 11 – 1.30
Tuesday and Thursday 11- 1.30 and 3 - 5

Tel: +39 0521.032518 | e-mail: tutor.sea@unipr.it


  • Level 2 Tutors

Who Are Level 2 Tutors?
They are second cycle graduates/PhD students of the Department of Economics and Business, appointed by the Department Council.
They provide support through supplementary, introductory and catching-up activities providing academic support for degree courses and the second cycle degree program in the department of economics and management.
The tutors act as "filters" between  students and academic staff, and can also support students with learning difficulties in certain subjects and / or with organizational problems.
What do level ii tutors do?
• "basic" assistance for students with learning problems in certain subjects;
• organizational assistance / learning strategies for exams taken in English
• support / assistance for Erasmus students;
• orientation on university / department open days and info days.

Where are they? How do I contact them?
- Elisa Martini - Email: elisa.martini2@studenti.unipr.It - Marketing Area – Office: 2nd Floor, Main Building (Food System Students only)

- Lorenzo Pratici - Email: lorenzo.pratici@unipr.It -  Company Research Area (Ricerche Aziendali)  - Office: 1st Floor, Main Building - Tel Office: 0521/032443  (Assistance For ADA and Second Cycle Students -  In collaboration with the 1st Cycle Tutors) -

- Riccardo Torelli  - Email: riccardo.torelli@unipr.It  -  Company Research Area  (Ricerche Aziendali)- Office: 1st Floor, Main Building – Tel Office: 0521/032022 (CLEM student only)


  • International tutors

Who are the international tutors?
They are students enrolled in the Master's Degree Programs of the Department of Economics and Business Sciences, selected (following an official announcement) and nominated by an ad hoc commission based on the evaluation of the qualifications and qualifications held at the time of their application.

What do international tutors do?
The international tutors are a new figure of tutor whose aim is to assist all students of the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degree programs on international mobility, both incoming and outgoing. In particular it is their task:
■ provide all the necessary information to students and PhD students interested in participating in any of the international mobility projects of the Department of Economics and Business Sciences, both in the Erasmus + framework, as well as in the Overworld or Double-title projects;
■ assist the outgoing student in all phases of the international mobility process, from the initial one with the compilation of all the documents necessary for the departure to the final one, scheduled at the time of the return;
■ assist the incoming student, ensuring an adequate information service about the opportunities available to him within our University, as well as intermediary with the Offices and the Department about the compilation and delivery of the required documents together with an orientation service that guarantees the full integration of the foreign student within our academic network.
■ gathering data and information related to international mobility projects that have involved the students of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences in recent years, in order to offer an adequate information system of foreign universities involved in the internationalization process accompanied by a collection and statistical analysis for the purposes of research, cataloging and analysis, which can be consulted by our students.

Where do I find them? How do I contact them?
The international tutors of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences for the ay. 2018/2019 are Tina Bogojevic and Federica Pereira Alves and receive students interested in having information on internationalization at the box on the first floor of the central plexus of the Department.

Office hours:
Monday: 9 am-11am and 4 pm-7pm
Tuesday: 16-18 h
Wednesday: 9-13 and 15-19 h
Thursday: 11-14 h
Friday: 9-13 and 15-19 h

Tutor e-mail addresses

Tina Bogojevic: tina.bogojevic@studenti.unipr.it 

Federica Pereira Alves: federica.pereiraalves@studenti.unipr.it 


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