PhD in Economics and management of innovation and sustainability (EMIS)

(agreement with Univ. of Parma, Univ. of Ferrara and the Catholic Univ. of the Sacred Heart - Piacenza)

Coordinator: Prof. Beatrice Luceri

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Emidia Vagnoni

Duration: 3 years

EMIS is a three-year training program aimed at students with a strong aptitude for research and who aspire to acquire advanced skills in economic and managerial. The focus is placed on the synergic management of innovation and sustainability, recognizing that economic growth generated by the accumulation of knowledge must occur by achieving a balance between the economic, social, and environmental dimensions, while implementing the twin revolution. The dual transformation, guided by elements of sustainability and digitization, is necessary because of the fundamental role as enablers of sustainable development of digital solutions.

The course is run jointly by the Universities of Parma and Ferrara and, starting 2022, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Piacenza.

The administrative headquarters rotates every three years between the Universities of Ferrara and Parma. For Cycles 35, 36, 37 it is in Ferrara and for Cycles 38, 39, 40 in Parma.

Regardless of administration office, each individual student is assigned a main office at one of the three universities.

Enrolment on the PhD course is open to holders of a master's degree (or similar qualification overseas qualification) in the fields of economics-business and mathematics-statistics fields.

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For more information, please read the Regulation for achieving the doctoral degree (in application of DM 226/2021) effective from the 38th cycle published here

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