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CLEM - BIP “Planning and Reporting for Sustainable Management” Call for Students Applications

Candidature per l’iscrizione all’insegnamento on-line e in presenza (settembre-dicembre 2022) svolto con studenti francesi, estoni, portoghesi e con colleghi giapponesi.

“International Sustainable Management: Business Planning and Reporting”. 

Blended learning course with cross-campus international student participation 

This innovative course has been developed by 5 participating European and Japanese academic institutions and will be run for the first time in Autumn semester 2022. The course is supported by Erasmus funding of the European Union and the participating institutions for this year are 

Università di Parma (lead partner for this year) 

Estonian Business School, Tallinn, Estonia 

Grenoble Ecole de Management,  

Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomia 

Universidade Portucalense, Porto 

The course is designed to develop students’ ability not only to work in multi-cultural teams but also to work together across geographically disparate campuses using comtemporary internet based tools for collaborative working. 

Students will work together during the semester on a business planning project the content and purpose of which will be defined by three companies in the Parma region of Italy (Parma being the lead partner for this year). The projects will have as their central focus the definition, elaboration and measurement of outcomes of sustainable management practices in the context of the EU Green New Deal. The specific projects will be defined and group members assigned at a simultaneous synchronous online session in September. Students will then work in their assigned groups under their own initiative to develop their business plans. During this gestation period some classes will be offered on themes related to the projects (Sustainability; Business Plans etc) and students will also have the opportunity to seek guidance from the professors on their specific projects during these classes. The course will culminate with a grand finale in Parma at which all students from all campuses will be physically present in Parma and will make live presentations of the results of their work The visit to Parma will be spread over one week and will include company visits to the participating firms.  

The course will be assessed on the basis of the presentations by each group while in Parma; and by an Individual Critical Reflection essay based on the experience of the whole exercise.

For detailed information, read the attached document

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